I honestly think you are WAY oversimplifying security, aid, and Africa. First of all, I'm going to need some citations for the claim that Africans want security instead of development. And I all around reject both your premise that security and development are a somehow mutually exclusive—like you can't work on… » 7/27/14 6:32pm Sunday 6:32pm

Yeah, the idea that LA costume folks are like completely unaware of fashion is HILARIOUS to me. Especially whe she goes on to suggest that having Chanel on TV was this novel idea. Like, Jesus, I buy my clothes at Target and have never opened a copy of Vogue in my life, and even I know that's totaly bullshit. » 7/22/14 2:31pm 7/22/14 2:31pm

#foodbeforedudes is my drunk mantra. I have literally been on the cusp of going home with someone and then peaced the eff when my friends mentioned it was time for taquitoes. I mean, obviously I wasn't like super into it anyway, but I am HIGHLY motivated by snacks. I feel like I should get #friesbeforeguys tattooed… » 7/22/14 1:48pm 7/22/14 1:48pm

What bothers me about this is that he could be making a valid point if he weren't being so....Matt Lauer-y. It's true that neither men nor women can 'have it all.' And I think the fact that men, too, struggle with sacrificing family for their careers is brushed aside. Society is waaaaaaay harsher on women who… » 7/03/14 11:36am 7/03/14 11:36am

I always wonder if people who hate being "ma'am'd" have ever worked a service job. When I was a cashier at the grocery store, and a customer forgot their wallet, what else was I supposed to yell while running after them? I don't know their name, and I'd get in trouble for "Hey you! In the pink!" And if you're… » 6/30/14 3:05pm 6/30/14 3:05pm

You know, I am actually a propronent of the Airport Sob. I've done it once, because my mom had to put our dog to sleep while I was away, and she told me when I called her from my gate because she couldn't keep it to herself and let me be all chipper. So I just let it ALL out. It ended up being pretty cathartic.… » 5/08/14 8:06pm 5/08/14 8:06pm

This is only tangentally related, but re: Takei joke— I was once with a friend who objected to something a male friend of ours said. He replied with "must be time of the month!" And she looked at him and went, "That time where I find sexism annoying? Yes. Yes, it is." I almost broke my hand trying to give her the… » 5/08/14 7:50pm 5/08/14 7:50pm

But when WOC call out "white feminism" they aren't necessarily calling out feminism. They are calling out a particular brand of feminism that is practiced by a particular subset of feminists (who are mostly white middle class ladies) that is not in any way inclusive of WOC, and in fact, is often exclusive. IMHO, the… » 5/08/14 6:02pm 5/08/14 6:02pm