Oh, I am quite certain they are not anywhere near the non-white population. DC is still pretty segregated geographically, so if one wants to (and I can only assume the Duggars want to), it wouldn't be hard to try to avoid them. I'm sure they live in Manassas or Falls Church or something. » 4/24/14 12:25pm Today 12:25pm

I am very worried that Jill is jinxing things by changing her Twitter handle & display name to Dillard already. Do quiverfulls believe in tempting fate, or is that some devil nonsense like evolution and ladies pants? » 4/23/14 11:47pm Yesterday 11:47pm

I've always thought that CJ was a great character depsite Sorkin's treatment of her. I think it was basically just the sheer force of Allison Janey that made it happen (because, I mean, let me compose a sonnet for that woman). » 4/23/14 11:01pm Yesterday 11:01pm

Oh my god, my dad made the mistake of showing me Heathers when I was....like 10? I was too young to get it. The real kicker, though, was that it was maybe 6 months after Columbine when I watched it, and my mom is a teacher and my brother was in high school, so basically Heathers just scared the shit out of me and… » 4/22/14 8:30am Tuesday 8:30am

They've been threatening to do this for a while. I'm not sure what their plan for the girls would be, but they are opposed to educating girls. Much like the men who shot Malala, they just hate the idea of educated and empowered girls and women, and aren't above resorting to violence to stop it. » 4/21/14 6:47pm Monday 6:47pm

AU alum here! EI has been a problem for a LONG time. As Erin notes, they aren't an official frat or organization associated with AU, but I can say from experience that they have been allowed to basically wreak havoc un-checked for years. Part of the problem is that they all live off-campus and all parties are… » 4/21/14 6:24pm Monday 6:24pm

You know, I have come to expect this bullshit from the anti-choice/anti-contraception crowd. Especially folks like Dolan. But here's what I want to know: why didn't the interviewer push back on this? Like, how hard is it to say "Actually, no, you cannot buy contraceptives—aside from condoms—at the 7-11. Did you know… » 4/21/14 3:20pm Monday 3:20pm

I agree with everyone else. I re-read your description of your relationship with him and noted that it's been 5 years since you broke up. It's weird and a red flag that he's still asking for a reason why. Because in five years, he should have either accepted that he'll never know (as is often the case in life and in… » 4/18/14 8:48pm Friday 8:48pm

THANK YOU. I had a friend recently invite me for brunch, and when I was clarifying the time for the reservation (to me, this meant like 12:3opm or 1pm?) she responded "Like 10. Maybe 10:30?" I just stared at her. And then promptly cancelled brunch. » 4/17/14 11:27pm 4/17/14 11:27pm

Frankly, I would go so far as to state that you can eat other, BETTER, jelly beans. Starburst jellybeans are, I believe, the superior jellybean. And they're always easy to find at Easter season! » 4/17/14 1:18am 4/17/14 1:18am

I think we have different body types, but I've had really good luck with American Eagle jeans. I feel stupid going in there, because I'm 25, and I think the average customer age is 14, but their jeans fit me soooo well. The dark washes would be good for work, and there isn't bedazzling on the pockets or anything. » 4/17/14 1:16am 4/17/14 1:16am

This was part of how Wee Little Ginger hopped off the Normal Religion bandwagon. I was like, "ummmmm, my dog is totally going to heaven, so you can just eat it" (I was a precocious youth). I am now a UU, and my lefty little church has an annual "Blessing of the Animals" service, where we all bring our pets and they blessed … » 4/17/14 1:07am 4/17/14 1:07am