Your doctor is behind the times. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommend IUDs for women without children, including sexually active teens, precisely because it is so effective and plenty of young women have a (totally reasonably) hard time remembering to take the pill every day or get their depo… » 9/17/14 5:21pm Wednesday 5:21pm

I'm really not sure why people have so much trouble understanding why a dude might become an OB/GYN. Like, reproduction and the female reproductive system in general is fascinating. I don't think it's any weirder than being like a GI specialist or an ENT guy. If you aren't personally comfortable seeing a male gyno,… » 9/17/14 8:10pm Wednesday 8:10pm

I moved from DC to Baltimore about a year ago, and I love Baltimore. I'm still very fond of DC, and I go back really often to visit friends and for events and things (yay weekend MARC!), but Baltimore is a great city. I like the Baltimore nightlife waaaaaay more than DC's scene, and everything is more affordable. … » 9/17/14 7:28pm Wednesday 7:28pm

Yes they do! Some old school docs won't, but ACOG recomments it for teens. There's also Skyla, which is the slightly smaller version that is specifically meant for nulliparous women. Mirena is actually recommended for women who have bad periods (me included) since it usually dramatically lightens or even stops all… » 9/16/14 2:30pm Tuesday 2:30pm

Some poor idiot had the misfortune to do this to me in the week after my stepsister died. I did not take his thoughts on my personal appearance while grieving very well. I doubt he will tell another women to smile ever again. (though people can be remarkably stupid so who knows?) » 9/15/14 5:58am 9/15/14 5:58am

I agree with you. The first tweet was a total fuck up, but what do we want from people? Like asking people to never make mistakes or be bone-headed is not realistic, so if the dude's apology wasn't enough, what do we want from him? What more can he do? I think sometimes we get so caught up in the issues we care about… » 9/09/14 4:54pm 9/09/14 4:54pm

I would also like to add to this that is really no reason for anyone of us to watch the video footage from inside the elevator. It was released by TMZ, presumably without Janay's consent. Just like we were outraged about the hacked nude photos, I think we should recognize that this was a horrifying and deeply personal… » 9/08/14 12:18pm 9/08/14 12:18pm

I lost my sister to addiction almost a year ago, and I just want to say that I understand what you're talking about—grieving an addict is a unique an horrible experience. I'm so sorry for your loss, and I hope you have supportive and loving people in your life to help you through this. » 9/07/14 5:54pm 9/07/14 5:54pm

There was a brief, but glorious, period of my life where I dated a boy whose ill-fitting pants often drooped a bit so reveal the top of his boxes, who always rolled up his shirt sleeves to his forearms because he worked as a waiter and they got in the way/it was hot on the restaurant patio, AND WHO WORKED IN A MEXICAN… » 9/06/14 5:33pm 9/06/14 5:33pm

I actually do want my phone to sync with my cloud account. I like having my photos backed up if my phone is stolen, and sometimes it's nice to be able to access my contacts from a computer (for example, when my battery dies and I realize I don't know my brother's phone number). I could manually upload all those… » 9/05/14 2:35pm 9/05/14 2:35pm

Oh man, I dated a guy like that for 3 months and he could NOT get over his lack of money. The hilarious part is that I was a grad student, so it's not like I was rolling in money myself. I even told him "I've dated the guys you're comparing yourself to. If I wanted to be with them, I would be. I like you, and then I… » 9/05/14 5:09am 9/05/14 5:09am