Gotta love how all the judgment is thrown that the woman, and not at any of the 25 dudes who had sex with her, presumably quite well aware of what was going on. » 4/13/15 10:04pm Monday 10:04pm

I use the Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo about once a month or so because I have super fine hair and shampoo/conditioner/etc. tends to build up. It does strip pretty much everything out; I wouldn't use it daily since it'll dry out your hair, but it might be what you're looking for right now. » 4/12/15 11:04pm Sunday 11:04pm

I will never understand why people in relationships are unavailable on the weekend, especially when those people live together. Like, you see eachother a lot—taking 2 hours to come get a drink with me will not end your marriage. Then again, I seem to be more independent than most when I am in a relationship, so maybe… » 4/11/15 3:48pm 4/11/15 3:48pm

I know it's really hard to take a step back and really assess a friendship, and ever harder to recognize that something that was once meaningful and supportive isn't anymore. But I think that's what you need to do here. These people are not your friends anymore. They way they are treating you is appalling. Would you… » 4/11/15 3:31pm 4/11/15 3:31pm

This happens to me ALL the time. The combination of not being super observant when moving around and being pale as a ghost means that I bump into shit all the time and then thr bruises are massive and ugly. Half the time I don't even know where they came from, but they're like dark black and blue. » 4/11/15 1:29pm 4/11/15 1:29pm

$5 million is basically the amount of money the government spends on post-its every year. It is literally ridiculous that this would be a barrier to implementing this kind law. » 4/10/15 11:35am 4/10/15 11:35am

This is also why I hate it when people fat-shame themselves. Not only is it sad to watch someone I love talk to/about themselves that way, but it’s also hard to hear that from someone who’s objectively smaller than me. Like, god, if you’re fat and unattractive what the hell am I?! » 4/03/15 1:13pm 4/03/15 1:13pm

I have a semi-similar identity crisis. My last name could be pronounced two ways. Pronounciation A is most common. My family says it Pronounciation B. So most people say it the "wrong" way the first time they ever say it out loud. I don't care much, and rarely correct people. For people like the pharmacist or the… » 3/27/15 2:47pm 3/27/15 2:47pm

I second everything that's been said so far, and I'll add that you should buy a SmartTrip card to use on the metro—don't get a paper fare card. The SmartTrip has a small fee, but if you're going to take more than 4 or 5 rides, then it's totally worth it. The papercards are annoying and charge an extra $1 per trip. » 3/26/15 5:10pm 3/26/15 5:10pm

My biggest melt down as an adult happened while I was on a 15 hour train ride in India with a friend. Sobbing, hyperventilating, complete inability to process any information or take any steps to make my situation better; the works. » 3/14/15 2:01am 3/14/15 2:01am

For classic "nice" American food, I'd recommend Scion or Founding Farmers. FF is kind of a "name" in DC, so she might have been there, but Scion is in Dupont and has excellent food, but isn't crazy money. Matchbox could fit this description, too. Wherever you go, I'd recommend a reservation. » 3/10/15 8:05pm 3/10/15 8:05pm

Hooking up with a casual aquaintaince; we're both on the periphery of a particular friend group, so we'd met a couple times, but weren't like good friends or anything. Anyway, we're both fairly drunk and we leave the house party we're at go to his place, and we're hooking up. I am totally naked, I believe he is… » 3/10/15 2:26pm 3/10/15 2:26pm

My absolute favorite lipstick is Urban Decay. I have their anarchy shade, but I think their other ones would be equally long wearing. You might also be looking for a lipstain, which might be less likely to wear off. I LOVE my MAC lipsticks, too, for both pigmentation and long-wearingness but they are definitely drying. » 3/09/15 4:16pm 3/09/15 4:16pm